Privacy and Security Training: Less hype, less myth, more HIPAA realities.

HIPAA privacy and security training

I’m often taken aback by some of the marketing material I receive from privacy and security training vendors.  This is clearly a “buyer beware” moment.  The review of a training vendor’s material can give you some insight into their credibility. Particularly if you’re already somewhat knowledgeable of the material that needs to be covered in … Read more

OCR Pre-Audit Survey Approved by Office of Management & Budget: Are you ready for Round 2 OCR HIPAA Audits?

I’ve been updating all about the permanent or “second round” of OCR HIPAA audits for a while now. The HIPAA Audit program was initially to launch near year-end 2014. Now, we’re seeing details of the program, even though we don’t know when the OCR HIPAA audits will actually begin. However, OCR is taking the first … Read more