When does State law trump HIPAA?

When State law requirements are tougher than HIPAA, then it’s likely that the State law is the one you need to follow. When does it not? When it’s “contrary.” Then, it may be submitted for exemption – in other words, may be up for consideration to “trump” the federal regulations. However, it’s rare that a … Read more

OCR Pre-Audit Survey Approved by Office of Management & Budget: Are you ready for Round 2 OCR HIPAA Audits?

I’ve been updating all about the permanent or “second round” of OCR HIPAA audits for a while now. The HIPAA Audit program was initially to launch near year-end 2014. Now, we’re seeing details of the program, even though we don’t know when the OCR HIPAA audits will actually begin. However, OCR is taking the first … Read more