Are your policies
and procedures in daily play?

Remember – auditors and customers are “Show me” people. Simply practice what you preach, and show that you are. They’re your policies and procedures. Let’s make them work for you. 

Policies and Procedures

Are you confident in your compliance status?

With an Apgar and Associates privacy and security breach assessment and analysis, you will be. Policy and procedure gaps hurt your compliance status with industry regulations (HIPAA, HITECH) and threaten your certification status (HITRUST, ISO, SOC2).

Our thorough audit and assessment checks the points that OCR and certification auditors say make up a truly robust compliance program. If you’re involved with healthcare, we also offer a Mock OCR HIPAA Audit that emulates the OCR’s timeline for provision of documentation. After the audit, you’ll know exactly what needs to happen when with our corrective action recommendations and roadmap. We’ll help get you up to speed so you can respond to OCR’s request– or your largest customer’s CISO – with confidence!

Non-compliance hits your bottom line and your hard-won business reputation.
Why risk it?

Start with policies and procedures, aka documentation.
When’s the last time you reviewed policies and procedures? Did you purchase templates that don’t quite fit your organization’s needs? You know the adage, “if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.” Documentation is crucial for accountability no matter who’s checking up on you: regulators, auditors, potential business partner or investor (for due diligence).

We’ve made policies and procedures easy.
Sometimes you just want a starting point, which is why we created template-style manuals for purchase. Or we can customize them for your organizations specific needs and processes. Anytime a policy or procedure needs an update, you get an email that lets you know what you need to do to keep your policy current. All provided content complies with the Omnibus Rule and draws from thirty-plus years of privacy and security experience.

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