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Business Associates

How Do You Weigh Vendor Risk Exposure?

When it comes to vendor risk exposure and its management, you need to know how to implement a proper program that aligns with HIPAA compliance. ...
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Healthcare Compliance

How can you assure remote employees’ HIPAA compliance?

Remember the days of “Never gonna happen” when people wanted to work from home, even occasionally?  All the compliance focus was on what was happening ...
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HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules

With Eyes Wide Open: How to Manage Vendor Compliance Liability

Ever feel like your efforts to avoid compliance liability just turned into a game of hot potato? Is it a vendor responsibility (business associate or ...
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Business Associates

Are Business Associates Taking the Hit for CEs?

Looks like it could be a thing. All business associates (BAs), from super small, like small agency web hosting companies or medical transcriptionists, to large ...