HIPAA New Rule Reproductive Health
HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules

Reproductive Health & HIPAA: Key Takeaways from the New Rule

With states weighing in on their own versions of how to handle reproductive health, there’s been confusion about what is and isn’t PHI when it ...
HIPAA Summit 41 OCR risk analysis enforcement
HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules

Did you know? OCR has a new Risk Analysis Enforcement Initiative

View OCR Director Melanie Fontes Rainer’s presentation deck here. At the HIPAA Summit 41 in late February, she spoke on “spoke on recent OCR rulemakings, ...
OCR PHI and reproductive health
HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules

How is OCR handling Women’s Reproductive Healthcare challenges as relates to PHI?

With every new headline about women’s reproductive health, providers and patients have been left wondering what’s next legally. Will they be protected or prosecuted? The ...
vendor risk exposure risk management
Business Associates

How Do You Weigh Vendor Risk Exposure?

When it comes to vendor risk exposure and its management, you need to know how to implement a proper program that aligns with HIPAA compliance. ...