Privacy and Security Training: Less hype, less myth, more HIPAA realities.

HIPAA privacy and security training

I’m often taken aback by some of the marketing material I receive from privacy and security training vendors.  This is clearly a “buyer beware” moment.  The review of a training vendor’s material can give you some insight into their credibility. Particularly if you’re already somewhat knowledgeable of the material that needs to be covered in … Read more

Phishing: Help Good Employees Avoid the Hook of a Cybersecurity Nightmare

The sneakiest of cyber-attacks, phishing has grown in sophistication even as organizations work to tighten cybersecurity programs. Phishing attacks have always been an easy backdoor into an organization’s – or individual’s – network. With one click as you rush through daily emails, you can unleash malicious software into the system. Phishing fools the best employees. … Read more

Cyberattacks & Ransomware: Federal Agencies Warn Healthcare Sector

The recent spate of healthcare provider ransomware cyberattacks has prompted federal agencies to alert the healthcare sector about precautions and also provide recommendations on how to handle. Many of these cyberattack origins appear to be in nation-states like China, Russia, and Eastern European countries.  The FBI has issued recommendations about ransomware cyberattacks, and “encourages healthcare … Read more