How can you assure remote employees’ HIPAA compliance?

remote workers hipaa compliance essentials

Remember the days of “Never gonna happen” when people wanted to work from home, even occasionally?  All the compliance focus was on what was happening at the office, or during business travel. Then came the pandemic, and the organizations that would have fallen on their swords to prohibit all remote work for coders, or customer … Read more

IoT Attacks: What are you doing to protect & prepare?

Product and gadget creators get in a tight spot when IoT (the Internet of Things) security takes a back seat. It sounds harmless: “Let’s get to market then release security updates.” Getting market share vs taking care of security seems like a matter of course. Until someone uses that security gap to shut down a power plant. … Read more

Serious Implications of DDoS & DOS Attacks Prompts OCR to Share Prevention Tips

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leaving gaps that malicious software can exploit, bringing down extensive systems. The increasing frequency and severity of the attacks has healthcare systems and their supporting technology vendors on pins and needles. Healthcare organizations may lose ability to access systems that are critical to patient care, in addition to affecting … Read more

Employees & ePHI: Who has access to your healthcare data?

The risk is real. With all of the attention on external threats to ePHI, like ransomware and cyberattacks, healthcare organizations and their digital health vendors may be distracted from threat of insider risk. Yet according to a recent HHS OCR newsletter “insider threat is becoming one of the largest threats to organizations and some cyberattacks may … Read more