Portland Business Journal Cybersecurity Thought Leader Forum

On July 9th the Portland Business Journal hosted a Thought Leader Forum on cybersecurity. I was honored to be one of the five local cybersecurity experts who participated. We discussed risk assessment, prevention and crisis management (aka data breach).

From preventable data breaches to training and enforced policies – because the vast majority of issues come from the people side – we talked about the different scenarios companies face, and steps we recommend, when it comes to protecting their data. Privacy and security takes vigilance. It’s an ongoing responsibility to assure you have the right tools, meaning technology, policies, procedures, training and testing, in place.

Portland Business Journal publisher Craig Wessel asked some great relevant questions. Here’s hoping you find our answers helpful. I’ve included the special section from the Portland Business Journal here for download. Please reach out to us at Apgar and Associates (877-376-1981) if you have any questions about cybersecurity and privacy and security compliance.