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OCIA New Product may help Organizations with Cyber Approach

All indicators are that 2017 will continue to see healthcare data come under attack as its value on the black market holds. That means that healthcare organizations can expect to remain prime targets for malicious cyberattacks.

It doesn’t help that many healthcare organizations struggle with challenges that include outdated information systems and cybersecurity gaps, as well as the fact that medical device manufacturers haven’t traditionally focused on device security. While healthcare organizations are diligently working to close gaps on their side in both in cyber and workforce, the OCIA (Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis) has released a product that may help.

Healthcare & Public Health Sector Cyber dependencies

This fairly extensive product addresses everything from the sector background to cyber incidents affecting medical devices to the path forward. It’s the culmination of a collaborative effort with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Protection & Programs Directorate, National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center, DHS Office of Intelligence & Analysis, and the HHS’s office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response.

You can download the 13-page PDF here.

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