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On Cloud Data Integration

Recently, I was asked to share my thoughts on cloud computing. Industry experts have varying perspectives, and I encourage you to read all of our insights as published in the post “Ask the Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Cloud Data Integration?” Here’s my contribution, as published:

“In 10 to 15 years, it is likely that cloud computing will have moved beyond what we call server-based computing. We’re already there with services offered by Amazon and Microsoft applications and processes can be run without the need to be concerned about servers that need to be configured and maintained. We’re looking at a world where unstructured and structured data reside in a virtual world where it’s feasible to create what I would call virtual artificial intelligence where thoughts may be turned into code or a process to interrogate vast amounts of data and perform precise functions such as what’s the best approach for advanced disease management and how to isolate genes that may be altered to combat cancer and chronic diseases. We’re looking at an environment where computing is at such an advanced state that data manipulation and advanced technological advances will occur at such a rapid pace that is impossible to believe today.

This all sounds like science fiction, but we’re already moving that direction at a rapid pace and it may turn out that my predictions are much more conservative than the reality of cloud computing in a decade. Now personal privacy and information security will be a concern as those vast amounts of data become even more of a tool to direct consumer engagement. We may be facing the potential of losing a fair amount of the privacy we have left.”

(segment from article by Nick Hastreiter published July 17, 2017 at