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Gap Analysis

HIPAA Privacy & Security Rule Compliance

Gap Analysis: A technique for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future-state. Businessdictionary.com

Business policy and procedure gaps are a threat to your organization’s compliance health. When your goal is to maintain compliance with HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and HITECH, identifying those gaps is part of how Apgar & Associates, LLC Gap Analysis services help you make sure your required HIPAA policy statements have been documented and implemented.

Gap Analysis Activities

  • Review business policy & procedure documentation
  • Identify business policy & procedure gaps
  • Identify compliance method & resource needs
  • Assign “gap closure” tasks and follow-up

Closing the Gap: Risk Mitigation & Management

Following the Gap Analysis project, Apgar & Associates can help you turn the Gap Analysis report results into a Risk Management action plan. We help you close the policy and procedure gaps, moving your entity from risk-vulnerable to risk-managed with step-by-step risk mitigation activities.

Risk Mitigation & Management Activities

  • Assess business associate compliance
  • Assess vendor compliance
  • Assign risk mitigation tasks
  • Establish organizational Risk Mitigation reporting & follow-up system

Apgar & Associates’ privacy and security experience stems from years of working with covered entities and business associates, from single professional offices to multi-national corporations.

For more information about our Gap Analysis services, contact us via email or at 503.384.2538.


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