HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules

Audit Log Monitoring: Tiresome But Oh-So-Necessary

Audit log monitoring is probably one of the most unsexy, uninteresting activities a healthcare organization or business associate has to do.  But neglect it at …

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Healthcare Organizations: What can get you into [costly] hot water?

For healthcare organizations and the businesses that support them, regulation and legislation too often turn into lawsuits and settlements. What’s happening to get you into …


Security in a Remote Access World, Revisited

It’s time to circle back to the topic of remote access.  Earlier I provided you a checklist to send to your remote working employees to …

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Privacy and Security

What will the CPRA passing mean to anyone doing business with Californians?

With the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) passage (aka Prop 24), the CCPA, already strict in its interpretation of PII, expands consumer rights and places …