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Breach Investigation Services

At the May 2011 Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) conference, OCR presenters shared that between September 2009 and December 2010, there were 221 reports involving a security breach of over 500 individuals and 14,000+ reports of breaches of fewer than 500 individuals. Breach types ranged from theft and loss, to unauthorized access or disclosure, to improper disposal of PHI. Interesting note: paper records accounted for 21% of large breaches. Many breaches were caused by lack of workforce training or careless employees rather than malicious activity. The price of inaction or non-compliance is too high—your organization’s reputation is on the line, and can be exposed to lawsuits, fines, civil and even criminal penalties. Just in the last few months, identity theft settlements imposed by the Federal Office for Civil Rights, have run into millions of dollars. And, if a breach of Protected Health Information involves 500 lives or more, the federal government posts information about the breach, and your organization on a public website… who knows where that could lead? Apgar & Associates can help if a breach occurs. Our breach investigation services will assist you in a complete and thorough assessment of what happened, and help you decide on the steps that you can take to protect your organization in the future.


"Simply, Chris is one of the country's top, most trusted, reliable and knowledgeable privacy and security compliance experts. He's also worked on multiple audio conferences and webinars with me for HCPro and consistently earns high praise from listeners in post-show surveys."

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